The cutest family!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It has been a while. I have had a lot of comments on Facebook for me to update my blog. So here it is. We are currently living in Middleton, and loving every minute of it. We have a great ward and some awesome friends! Lexie is in first grade this year and excelling. I am really imoressed with Purple Sage Elementry. Ethan is in Kindergarten and loving it. I am now down to Josilyn and Jackson. On monday Josilyn turned 3 and Jackson is now 2. They are growing sooo fast. Arron and I are doing great. I am in nursery and he is in Sunday school. It is awesome! Now I will add photos. Thanks for everyone being so concerned and wanting to see how we are doing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Random!

I am really scared for this one! She is going to be trouble.... You can see it by the look in her eyes! She has something stirring in there.

My boys!!!! They are so cute and so much a like!

We were playing outside! It was so nice and warm! We really missed doing anything outside because we were gone so much this last summer.

Ethan doesn't really like riding in the power wheels anymore, but he is such a good sport to give Jackson a ride!

The second set of pictures at the doctors, but still so cute!

I love it when they love each other! It makes the world a better place!

Thats Bitty for ya! She is so good at being center of attention!

Anyone want a yogurt mustache?

Getting too big!

Such a rough day today....can't keep my eyes open!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I KNOW! I KNOW!!! A little late... better late then never!!

Ethans school party!
I love the close ups! He is so cute!

We got like 3 different costumes and he had to wear a different one to each party we went to. But he had so much fun! Its so different when they are school age!

Lexies school party
She LOVES her witch costume!
She is so eager to learn knew things!

The Blacks halloween party
Ethan says this is his best bud, (and then he says he has lots of best friends!) He is such a funny kid!

They are such good friends!

They played ring toss and won the pop that they caught.

Josilyn as a little yellow M & M, she loved the hands.

Mike Stone.... what else is there the say. The outfit says it all! :)

Josilyn's boyfriend.

They were dancing so cute that night!

The ward halloween party
It was pretty cold outside, and Arron was working, so this was the only way to keep my two little ones together.

Lexie, Ethan, and Hailey.....Lexies BFF!! :)

They are so good with each other.... some times!

The Warren's litter box!

The kids getting some bad candy from Kevin and Summer.

Ethan climbing up the Angel's rope.

And now Lexie's turn! Dress and all! Good thing she didn't make it very far.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every year The Big Red House Preschool goes over to The Maze, (in Meridian) and has a play day. A lot of other preschool classed come too because it's preschoolers day, it's only $4.00, and they get a pumkin in the end. Lexie got to go last year and this year it was Ethan's turn.

It's a big tarp that is filled with air for them to jump on like a trampoline. It is really slippery, and Josilyn had a hard time staying standing on it.

Ethan and Josilyn had soooo much fun!

Ethan loved the little go-carts. He was riding around in circles on that for over an hour.

There was a trackor pulling them around in circles.

They could pump the ater and watch the rubber ducky go down stream.

It was so much fun and yet soo cold. When we got up that morning I was so excited because in Nampa it was a gorgeous day. Of course when we got into Meridian the wind was flowing like crazy! But the kids endured it and had fun anyways.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another one!

Another one off to Preschool!
He is so excited to finally be able to go to school like his big sister Lexie!

He was talking the whole way about what he was going to do today.

Yea I know this post is late but I finally got all my pictures downloaded to
my computer, so I have to catch up. I will be posting a lot of old ones!
Sorry you'll just have to bear with me, or don't read my blog for a while! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Late!

Ok so everyone has probably read a while ago when I said that I couldn't upload any knew pictures off my camera till I got the cord fixed! FIXED! I am so exited to get to blog again and with pictures!! It makes it so much more fun! So here are old pictures that I didn't get to blog about. So I have a lot of catching up to do. This is Arron's surprise birthday that we had for him in September. ( I know months ago!)

Better then _ _ _ cake! Arron's favorite!
All of our awesome friends!

Thats my adorable husband!

He loves the birthday song!

And Jackson loved hearing the song!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So Super Saturday is finally over and I am officially released from Enrichment. It was lots of fun, and I loved meeting knew women! On to knew advetures!
I am having a hard time getting my Halloween pictures on to post them for my family to see. So I will try really hard to get them on next week.
Today we had another BSU game and it was so much fun! It was in the afternoon so all the kids were able to play outside! Then we all chatted and some hung out afterwards and played cards! It was probably my favorite BSU game yet! It was really laid back and everyone just kindof chilled! It wasen't obviously that close but we still had fun!
WE HAVE SOME GREAT FRIENDS! (As you can see by our Halloween pictures!)