The cutest family!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I KNOW! I KNOW!!! A little late... better late then never!!

Ethans school party!
I love the close ups! He is so cute!

We got like 3 different costumes and he had to wear a different one to each party we went to. But he had so much fun! Its so different when they are school age!

Lexies school party
She LOVES her witch costume!
She is so eager to learn knew things!

The Blacks halloween party
Ethan says this is his best bud, (and then he says he has lots of best friends!) He is such a funny kid!

They are such good friends!

They played ring toss and won the pop that they caught.

Josilyn as a little yellow M & M, she loved the hands.

Mike Stone.... what else is there the say. The outfit says it all! :)

Josilyn's boyfriend.

They were dancing so cute that night!

The ward halloween party
It was pretty cold outside, and Arron was working, so this was the only way to keep my two little ones together.

Lexie, Ethan, and Hailey.....Lexies BFF!! :)

They are so good with each other.... some times!

The Warren's litter box!

The kids getting some bad candy from Kevin and Summer.

Ethan climbing up the Angel's rope.

And now Lexie's turn! Dress and all! Good thing she didn't make it very far.


Sarah Smith said...

A little late, but we will forgive you. Cute pictures. I don't think I could handle three costumes. One for each kid was enough to take care of. You must be super mom.

Lisa said...

Way to go girl, catching up!:0)

Jordan, Amber & Camryn said...

How fun! Man you guys have some great friends and way cute kids! I love their costumes. Why did Ethan wear 3 different ones you were saying?
Lexie makes one hott witch man! Watch out with those little doe eyes!
It's so cute that they have 'best friends' :]
Josilyn has the BEST smile with those gloves! ha ha I love it.