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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every year The Big Red House Preschool goes over to The Maze, (in Meridian) and has a play day. A lot of other preschool classed come too because it's preschoolers day, it's only $4.00, and they get a pumkin in the end. Lexie got to go last year and this year it was Ethan's turn.

It's a big tarp that is filled with air for them to jump on like a trampoline. It is really slippery, and Josilyn had a hard time staying standing on it.

Ethan and Josilyn had soooo much fun!

Ethan loved the little go-carts. He was riding around in circles on that for over an hour.

There was a trackor pulling them around in circles.

They could pump the ater and watch the rubber ducky go down stream.

It was so much fun and yet soo cold. When we got up that morning I was so excited because in Nampa it was a gorgeous day. Of course when we got into Meridian the wind was flowing like crazy! But the kids endured it and had fun anyways.


Sarah Smith said...

That looks like a really cool place. What a fun thing to do for the kiddos.

Rachael said...

I can't beleive he is going on field trips he is too young!!! It looks like it was a fun field trip even though it was cold. Just be glad you aren't being pounded with snow like Utah has been, WOW!!!

Jordan, Amber & Camryn said...

How awesome! What a fun place for kids!
I can't believe he's old enough to be going on a field trip! Man how time flies.

I love Josilyn's little leopard print pants ha ha
And how Ethan was helping her in the tarp. Such a good older brother!