The cutest family!

Friday, September 26, 2008

We Are Home!!

OK! So it seems like the past couple of posts have just been biographys! It's because I haven't taken many pictures and the ones that I have taken are on a disc somewhere! So until I find them I will just have to let everyone know what has been going on!
Well we came home from Blackfoot and things have been CRAZY!!! We decided to buy Kevin and Angie Vadnais house around the corner. We love the house and almost have everything put together! (I will post pictures once we finish hanging stuff up.) The kids love having their own rooms!
And then we are having a surprise birthday party for Arron tonight (26th) @ 5:30. So if any of you can make it that would be great! Just don't show up before 5:15! He will be out at around 5:15 and hopefully won't be back until 5:45! Hope you all can make it!
That's about it. We are loving having Lexie, in Kindergarten and Ethan in Preschool, and they are loving it also.