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Saturday, November 8, 2008


So Super Saturday is finally over and I am officially released from Enrichment. It was lots of fun, and I loved meeting knew women! On to knew advetures!
I am having a hard time getting my Halloween pictures on to post them for my family to see. So I will try really hard to get them on next week.
Today we had another BSU game and it was so much fun! It was in the afternoon so all the kids were able to play outside! Then we all chatted and some hung out afterwards and played cards! It was probably my favorite BSU game yet! It was really laid back and everyone just kindof chilled! It wasen't obviously that close but we still had fun!
WE HAVE SOME GREAT FRIENDS! (As you can see by our Halloween pictures!)


Tory said...

Jod - It was a way fun time! We will be back and back and back! And I love that we live so close to each other!

The Morriss Family said...

so now we're not friends? i didnt know your halloween party was your determining factor for friendship. :) i guess we'll have to go next year then...
too bad we left the game early - i love cards!

Jordan & Amber said...

I'm sad we're missing on all the fun parties and game nights! Soon! Soon there will be non stop partying and fun games to be played!
How long do you think you guys will be up in Donnelley for our visit?

Pannell Family of Fun said...

Sounds like a lot of work! Yes, hurry up and get pictures on, will yah. My kids can't wait to see what your kids were for Halloween. Sorry, we didn't come by and see you guys. There just wasn't time! :[